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Make learning a little bit brighter & a lot more fun

Ciaooo! My name is Maddy and I design all these fun flashcards and playful prints. I lasted 2 years in the classroom, as a languages teacher, but all I wanted to do was create cute learning resources. 

Sooo, I quit the teaching job and created my dream business where I can spend all day creating the cutest flashcards to make your home learning a little bit brighter and a LOT more fun! 

You'll find flashcards created for the modern child with current and unique designs. My illustrations are cute, loveable, funny AND inspiring. 

But, they're more than just a pretty design... 

My flashcards and prints also promote mindfulness, diversity and multilingualism and I guess that's why you're here, because you know those things are important too :)

Come find me on Instagram @filiandflora

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